Continuing Legal Education
A cornerstone of RIAJ’s mission is to advance the education and skills of its members. An ongoing calendar of stimulating seminars, workshops and online resources is offered to the legal community. Our programs are recognized for Rhode Island CLE credits.
Recent Successful Seminars!
The Reptile in Trial
The REPTILE can be your most powerful weapon in the courtroom. During this topic specific seminar, Keenan and Ball honed in on the skills and knowledge you need to successfully use the REPTILE in key areas of your trial.
Attendance was limited to plaintiff's attorneys who do no insurance defense work.
MCLE Credits: 15.5 General + 1.0 Ethics Credit
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DeMarco vs. Travelers Insurance Company
Our Distinguished Panel:
Lauren E. Jones, Esq., Jones Associates, Moderator   
Dennis S. Baluch, Esq., Baluch, Gianfrancesco & Mathieu
Joseph A. Kelly, Esq., Baluch, Gianfrancesco & Mathieu
Sandra A. Lanni, Esq., Law Office of Sandra A. Lanni
The Discussion:
The recent Rhode Island Supreme Court decision in DeMarco v. Travelers has changed how Rhode Island assesses the duty of insurers to settle claims with multiple Plaintiffs that together exceed policy limits.  
Plaintiff's and Defense Counsel points of view were presented, it's impact on injured parties claims, and how to best maximize recovery for your client. Participants were to read the RISC opinion beforehand!

iPad Seminar:  Litigation and Trial Presentation Apps for the iPad
Do you have an iPad?  Do you know how to use it in your legal practice?

RIAJ sponsored a four hour seminar with presenter Finis Price from Kentucky.  Finis showed how a litigating attorney can use an iPad throughout litigation with various apps.  From depositions, mediations all the way to trial, the iPad will become an indispensable part of every lawyer's repertoire.  Forms, note taking, document storage, creating exhibits at depositions and for use in trial and trial presentation - are all possible from the iPad.  The seminar included a chance to ask Finis questions in areas of particular interest to participants.

The following iPad practice tips were covered:
1.  Setting up your new iPad
2.  How to set up your iPad with your email and calendar systems
3.  How to transfer files to and from your iPad
4.  What apps are necessary for using your iPad effectively in the legal field

Upon receiving his J.D. from the University of Lousiville's Brandeis School of Law in 2003, Finis Price charted a unique path by combining his two professional passions, the law and computer technology into the development of his personal injury and trial practice. Outside of his legal practice, Finis is co-founder of TechnoEsq Presentations which specializes in affordable quality presentations for attorneys.  Finis has been involved and consults in the development of many of these apps and has tried and uses all of the apps he will present. He has served on the Kentucky Justice Association's Board of Governors since 2007, recently was named the minority delegate to the American Association for Justice and is currently an adjunct professor at Chase Law School.


View from the Bench
Honorable Gilbert V. Indeglia, Associate Justice, RI Supreme Court
Honorable Netti C. Vogel, Associate Justice, RI Superior Court
Honorable Rafael A. Ovalles, Associate Judge, RI District Court
Honorable Edward D. Sowa, Jr., Associate Judge, RI Workers' Compensation Court
Join us for dinner and discussion with representativews of Rhode Island's Supreme, Superior, District and Workers' Compensation Courts.  We organize this annual seminar so that lawyers can learn the expectations judges have for them as advocates for their clients. The judges emphasize courtroom protocol, pleading style, presentation of evidence and relation ship with opposing counsel.
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
6:00pm to 8:30pm
Temple at the Renaissance Hotel
Two CLE credits
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Hot Coffee
Listen to the Full Podcast
Susan Saladoff and Donald Migiliori in studio on the documentary "Hot Coffee"

Director and Attorney Susan Saladoff and Attorney Donald Migliori joined Buddy Cianci in studio to talk about Susan's new HBO documentary "Hot Coffee." The documentary is about Stella Liebeck who spilled a hot cup of McDonald's coffee back in 1992 and sued the restaurant.  The guests said:
- How tort reform plays a role in this
- What they want the film to expose
- If you can't get into the courtroom and hold lawbreakers responsible, the lawbreakers will get away with more