Campaign to End Distracted Driving - Become a Speaker Today!

RIAJ is teaming up with the Casey Feldman Foundation,, and to present RIAJ's End Distracted Program to Rhode Island high schools.  We are the first trial lawyer association in the country to take on this program.

Joel Feldman, a trial lawyer at Anapol Schwartz in Philadelphia started this program after his daughter Casey was tragically killed by a distracted driver three years ago.  Out of this tragedy spawned Joel's quest to bring the message about the dangers of distracted driving to teenagers throughout the country.

RIAJ's End Distracted Driving Program is a one hour power point presentation that RIAJ members can deliver to a local high school.

Our goal is to reach every high school, public or private in the State of Rhode Island.

Please join RIAJ in signing up as a speaker for RIAJ's End Distracted Driving program. 
Follow this link and sign up instructions:  RIAJ Campaign Sign-up Form



Attorney Gil Bianchi giving back by presenting
"60 for Safety" about the Dangers of Distracted Driving
at Bayview Academy

In National and Local News . . .
>Attny Gil Bianchi & Bayview Give "60 for Safety"
>Trial Lawyers Present Distracted Driving Program
>CH12 Press Conference Video


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