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We will provide you photographs of your patients’ injures, such as: scars, lacerations, burns and abrasions. As well as patients in a neck collar, with cane, sling etc. and/or a short video of the patient’s condition at the time of initial consult indicating acute distress. We will provide this initial report and email it to you within 72 hours of the patient’s first visit. So if you have never used our services for your clients who have been in a car accident, it’s time to give us a shot.

CHIROPRACTIC REHABILITATION | What problems do we treat?

Auto Accident Injuries / Whiplash • Work Injuries / Sports Injuries • Neck and Back Pain/Upper/Lower Extremity Pain • Stiffness, Headaches • Dizziness, Numbness, Symptoms of TMJ Disorder Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Back Pain Related to Pregnancy • Pediatric Adjustments

ACUPUNCTURE | What problems can be treated?

As stated on the World Health Organization’s website: Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders, Sciatica, Chronic Pain Conditions and Fibromyalgia