Member Spotlight



Like all trial lawyers, many of our members do a number of good deeds in those rare moments away from the office. Trial lawyers’ commitment to community service is an area often overlooked by the public and the media. In an effort to strengthen public awareness of public service provided by many of our members, RIAJ is proud to feature our “Member Spotlight” campaign.

Periodically, a RIAJ member will be selected by the Board of Governors from names submitted for consideration. If you would like to be considered, or if you would like to nominate another member, please email or call Lisa with the name of the person and the reasons why they should be selected. The “Member Spotlight” campaign focuses exclusively on community service, public works and pro bono activities.  Only activities outside of the courtroom are considered, and only those activities that reflect most positively on our profession and our members will be persuasive. If you know a member dedicated to community service, please let us know.

A member will be selected by the Board of Governors at each monthly meeting. That member will be featured on RIAJ’s website, and will be the subject of press releases by RIAJ to local publications. Each featured member will be free to use the recognition in their own marketing efforts, should they so choose.

Learn more about Sue Pegden, our Member in the Spotlight.