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Attorney Sue Pegden, Hamel, Waxler, Allen & Collins


The Rhode Island Association for Justice is proud to feature Sue Pegden as its Featured Member.  Sue Pegden brings the same fierce dedication to getting justice for her clients as she did to fighting for the election and policy initiatives of the many candidates and elected officials she has worked for over the years.

As a former Communications  Director and Speechwriter with a love of public service, Pegden says she had a “tremendous opportunity” to be on the front lines in addressing issues directly impacting people’s day-to-day lives.

“I was incredibly fortunate to work with leaders and candidates like Governor Bruce Sundlun, Lieutenant Governor Charlie Fogarty, Myrth York and Richard Licht. Each of them knew that they were there to serve the people of Rhode Island and they didn’t hesitate to take on a difficult issue, everything from nursing home negligence, to increasing healthcare coverage,  to fighting against lead paint poisoning, to handling the banking crisis,” Pegden says.

Pegden says as much as she loved public service, she has always been interested in pursuing her law degree, so at the age of 40 she enrolled in Roger Williams Law School at night while working full-time for Lieutenant Governor Fogarty and then at Hamel, Waxler, Allen & Collins. After graduating law school and becoming a member of the Rhode Island and Massachusetts Bars in 2008, Pegden joined the firm of Hamel, Waxler, Allen and Collins as a litigation associate where she now specializes in personal injury; bankruptcy; small business; contracts; and unemployment  law.

“My work with our clients at Hamel, Waxler and the volunteer work I do for RIAJ mirrors what I loved so much abou t my previous occupation—I can advocate for those who have no voice,” Pegden says.

Pegden now brings her knowledge of politics to the legislative committee of the Rhode Island Association for Justice, which works to support of legislation critical to RIAJ member clients.

Last Spring, Pegden and Managing Partner Eva Marie Mancuso represented Rhode Island as part of the AAJ’s Women’s Caucus Lobby Days, meeting with the Rhode Island and New Jersey Delegations and urging them to vote against H.R. 5, the so-called Help Efficient, Accessible, Low Cost, Timely Health Care (HEALTH) Act of 2011 and for H.R. 1063, the SMART Act.

Originally passed in 2005, H.R. 5 tilted the legal process toward big corporations and shielded doctors who intentionally harmed patients. The SMART Act addressed a number of issues that have hampered the ability to settle cases, including a requirement that Medicare notify parties within 65 days of a request of the amount due to Medicare and setting a threshold below which Medicare would not require repayment.

A member of the Providence Democratic City Committee,  Pegden is married to political consultant Robert Horowitz and has a teenage daughter, Emily, and a Weimaraner named Duncan.  They live on the East Side of Providence. She is an avid CrossFitter, training five days a week at Ocean State CrossFit.

Sue can be reached at or 401.455.3800


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