Take Justice Back is about accountability. Powerful corporations have lobbied for years to avoid accountability by insulating themselves from civil justice when they hurt and injure people. They do this using phrases like "tort reform" and "frivolous lawsuits." But the real story of the efforts to limit civil justice is far more tragic, with real human victims.  

That is what's at stake. People just like you. 

The four main goals of Take Justice Back are:

  Our civil justice system is a last refuge for Americans hurt by the negligence or misconduct of others.  It also helps make our country a better, safer place to live. The fact is, our environment is cleaner, our medicine is safer today thanks to lawsuits.

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Yes, this is a national site aimed at a national audience.  But state and jurisdictional issues related to tort reform are hugely important in our coverage goals.  We want to highlight and talk about the issues where you are, and we can try to organize petitions or campaigns when those opportunities arise.  If you have written a blog for your TLA, send it over to us to post on TJB.  We will give you byline credit with a link back to your blog (important for building traffic for both of us and raising awareness).  Editorial guidance:  our focus is fighting tort reform and extolling the benefits of a healthy civil justice system.  So all blogs should relate to either or both of those ideas in some way.

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