Friends of RIAJ — including some special offers for our members
These businesses provide goods or services to RIAJ members and are dedicated to the protection of consumers. When looking at your business needs, please consider these companies. Below are direct links to their websites for more information about their services.



Newman Settlement Services Group 


Di Santo Priest & Co.

Complete Financial Advisory Services, DiSanto Priest & Co. is more than a Certified Public Accountants firm.  DiSanto Priest is a full service professional advisory firm providing a deeply committed resource to you and your business.  As your trusted advisor they are ready to guide, support and encourage you as you manage and grow your business and your personal future.  As one of the largest regional full service professional advisory firms in Southern New England, DiSanto Priest & Co. has developed a comprehensive approach to clients' personal and corporate financial matters.  Based on a unique combination of experience, strategic alliances, expertise and services, the DiSanto, Priest & Co. team is readily equipped to address the needs of your business.  Visit: for more information.


Estner Injury Centers

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Special offer to my legal friends: We will provide you photographs of your patients’ injures, such as: scars, lacerations, burns and abrasions. As well as patients in a neck collar, with cane, sling etc. and/or a short video of the patient’s condition at the time of initial consult indicating acute distress. We will provide this initial report and email it to you within 72 hours of the patient’s first visit. So if you have never used our services for your clients who have been in a car accident, it’s time to give us a shot.


Golkow Global Litigation Services

Specializing in depositions for complex and multi-party litigation, our professional team is committed to delivering our clients the highest level of services around the clock and across the globe.


Landy Insurance Agency

Insurance for Professionals
The Herbert H. Landy Insurance Agency, Inc. has been a recognized leader in providing Professional Liability Insurance and Errors and Omissions (E&O Insurance) nationally for 60 years. We select only the highest ranking, financially sound insurance companies to work with and distribute many of our Errors & Omissions (E&O) products through independent insurance agents across the country. Our success is simple. Our clients always come first. We offer a multitude of Errors & Omissions and Professional Liability Insurance products, depending on your field of expertise. We strive to make the process of purchasing insurance as painless as possible. We realize this may not be your expertise and are here to guide you through the process.


Med Lien Solutions


Med Lien Solutions is a nationwide provider of healthcare lien resolution services.  Our experts reduce and resolve injured plaintiff's liens with Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, ERISA, Military and VA.  Our services save law firms time and money by taking the tedious and frustrating lien resolution process off their hands.  There are no upfront costs and no fees at all unless the case settles.  Contact Med Lien Solutions at 844 MED LIEN.  Better Lien Resolution Matters.


Minuteman Press - Providence

We offer Printing, Copying, Digital Full Color Printing, Scanning, Promotional Products and much more! To get help on your next project or to place an order, visit our website Customer Service Area or call us at 401.351.0500




RIAJ partners with TrialSmith to provide you access to its online deposition bank, which is the largest database of its kind. One of the services they provide is FREE scanning and online storage of your expert depositions, including attached exhibits. Submit your documents in any format and your depositions will be converted to fully-searchable PDF files. Your depositions will also be stored in a secure online archive, including free backup, and you can access them as often as you need, without any other charges at It’s that easy, and it’s handy to be able to search your own archives. In addition, TrialSmith will give you a $5 credit for each deposition you send, and you can use your credits to download any of the 350,000 depositions already available in the national database. Mail them to TrialSmith, 5113 Southwest Parkway, Ste. 285, Austin, TX 78735, email electronic files to, or upload them at You can even FTP large ZIP files of transcripts and other electronic documents. For more information, contact TrialSmith directly at 800.443.1757


Webster Bank


At Webster, we know how difficult it can be to run a successful law practice.  You have to effectively serve the legal needs of your clients while managing the firm's daily business operations.  The last thing you need to do is worry about finances.  That's why we have business bankers dedicated exclusively to legal firms like yours.  They understand your need to maximize daily cash flow and streamline your business banking.  This way they can recommend the right solutions for your firm such as:  business checking and savings, including operating accounts for your firm and IOLTA & IOLA for your client's funds.  Flexible and specialized lending options; lines of credit, cash management tools to streamline payments and receivables: ACH, wires, positive pay and Webster Depost Link.  For more information contact:  Dev Singh at: Phone:  401-688-3314


Robson Forensic


Robson Forensic is a firm of engineers, scientists, and other specialists that provide investigations, reports, and testimony where technical and scientific answers are needed to resolve litigation and insurance claims.  Since 1987, Robson Forensic has grown with the purpose of solving our clients' most challenging engineering and scientific problems.


Allied Court Reporters, Inc.


Based in Rhode Island, Allied Court Reporters, Inc. and Video Conference Centers operates as the premier court reporting, litigation and legal services company in our area.  Established in 1969, we provide Court Reporting, CART, Video & Audio Conferencing, Typed Transcription, Stenorgraphy Services and Litigation Support, throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  In addition, Allied Court Reporters hosts a national and international network of affiliates that will handle all of your court reporting, video, video conference, legal services and litigation needs worldwide.  Quality service and unmatched, personal attention defines us as a leader in today's highly competitive market.