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Bike Helmet Safety Program

In an effort to reduce or prevent injuries from bicycle and skateboarding accidents, the Rhode Island Association for Justice donates helmets each Spring to 4th and 5th graders in elementary schools across the state. The program educates students about the law requiring kids under the age of 15 to wear helmets when riding bicycles or scooters and while using skateboards and roller skates. It also teaches them about the importance of wearing helmets to prevent severe head injuries. If your school is interested in being a part of the Bike Helmet Safety Program, please email

The donated helmets to schools across the state are made possible by the generous pledges and dedication of many RIAJ members. To view photos from our Bike Helmet Safety Program, click here.


The Citizens’ Law School is a public service program offered by the Rhode Island Association for Justice.  This is a unique opportunity to familiarize the general public with our civil justice system and provide an opportunity to learn about the practice of law. The Citizens' Law School deals with topics that affect everyday life and presentations are given by local attorneys and judges.

Topics vary from year to year.  Each spring we offer a new series of six classes on variouos topics of the law. Past series have included classes on Constitutional, Criminal, Elder, Family, Immigration and Landlord/Tenant Law as well as Medical Negligence, legal issues concerning you and your pets, Personal Injury & Insurance Law, Workers' Compensation and the Judicial System.

"Everyday we read or hear about specific legal issues people are dealing with in their daily lives.  And, quite honestly, some of those issues can seem a bit complicated", says Providence attorney Mark Gemma, RIAJ Past-President. The aim of this program is to address some of the more complex legal issues we hear about, to explore how laws are created and to examine the role of attorneys and judges in the legal process.

If you would like more information about the Citizens' Law School or be added to our mailing list for future series, please contact:
Lisa St. Pierre
Executive Director

Notice:  The Citizens' Law School, sponsored by RIAJ and initiated in 1994, is not an accredited law school and will not serve to prepare students to sit for state bar exams.


  End Distracted Driving - Become a Speaker Today!

RIAJ is teaming up with the Casey Feldman Foundation,, and to present RIAJ's End Distracted Program to Rhode Island high schools.  We are the first trial lawyer association in the country to take on this program.

Joel Feldman, a trial lawyer at Anapol Schwartz in Philadelphia started this program after his daughter Casey was tragically killed by a distracted driver three years ago.  Out of this tragedy spawned Joel's quest to bring the message about the dangers of distracted driving to teenagers throughout the country.

RIAJ's End Distracted Driving Program is a one hour power point presentation that RIAJ members can deliver to a local high school.

Our goal is to reach every high school, public or private in the State of Rhode Island.

Please join RIAJ in signing up as a speaker for RIAJ's End Distracted Driving program. 
Follow this link and sign up instructions:  RIAJ Campaign Sign-up Form

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